STC Register of Tigers and production information

STOC first published the Register of UK Tigers in 1989, this 40 page A5 booklet is the most comprehensive and authoritative compendium of Tigers in the U. K. and the last version was updated in 2006. In two main parts over 40 pages it lists information about:

– The entire production run of Home Market – HROFE – Tigers

– Every known Tiger within the Club’s membership – U. K. and International

– Every Tiger known to be in the U. K.

It has been produced with the assistance of many international Rootes and Tiger clubs who have provided STC with information about the ‘HROFE’ cars in their respective countries. It has also, notably, been researched and evaluated in close co-operation with Norman Miller and T.I.R.O.S.T., his help and participation has been invaluable.

STC would also like to thank, Brian Postle – former Club Membership secretary – for keeping the register records for over 20 years; Rae Balchin – Committee Member – for designing and loading the first data base in 1992 and maintaining it for several years and several international members of STC and their respective Tiger Clubs in the following countries: Australia, France, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland and the U.S.A., for the contributions they made.

Developing a Register such as this is no easy matter considering the unfortunate action of Chrysler U.K. 20 years ago, in choosing to destroy almost all of the Rootes Group archives. As a consequence of this hasty action the community of Sunbeam Tiger enthusiasts has only the production ‘ledgers’ of Jensen Motors Limited as a means of determining the numbers of Tigers manufactured together with key factory details of every Tiger. The ‘JML’ record does not tell us everything, however, and its integrity is handicapped by several scribing errors. In particular it tells us nothing about sales or to which country markets production was distributed. It has been possible though to build up a picture of likely right hand drive production numbers and the research made of probable ‘home market’ (HROFE) production by Jensen, forms part of this register.