V8 engines for sale

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V8 engines for sale

Post by Shindles » Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:36 pm

Robbie (Ray) Harris has just built a spare engine for my Tiger and I'm very pleased with it.
He asked me to inform members that he has other engines for Tigers (289 and 302 etc) that can be built to any specification that you want.
Contact him directly on:
Mention that you got the information from Sheridan

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Re: V8 engines for sale

Post by bigbob » Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:04 pm

That's probably my old 260 out of JUL 390D. He's local to me and has assisted on my supercharging. He runs a 800bhp SBF blown Capri. He knows his stuff.

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Re: V8 engines for sale

Post by pushrod » Mon Feb 04, 2019 6:16 pm

Out of curiosity what did it cost you to have the engine built and what was the spec?
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Re: V8 engines for sale

Post by Shindles » Sat Feb 09, 2019 4:34 pm

Displacement is now 272cu in, 9.4:1 compression, ~260bhp
Valve sizes:
1.78” inlet (289 standard size)
1.54” exhaust (GT40 and 302 HO size, 1.54inches stainless with stellite tips)
All valves then lapped to head and fitted with matching GT40 single with damper springs fitted with matched retainers and collets
Rockers are early style after-market Ford
Cam is Ford HO (marine) 206° inlet, 221° exhaust @ 50thou lift (0.445”)
Crank is 302, 20oz balance with 260 damper.
Pistons are Marle 3.830” giving 1.6” compression height, clearance 2.5thou
Mahle rings are chrome-molybdenum
Con-rods are from a GT40 crate engine (latest 302) with after-market SPS rod bolts.
Electronic ignition and matching coil
Block CNC machined and honed. Bored +30thou. Has rear seal conversion (one piece), with brass core plugs.
Carburettor is: Carter competition series AFB 525 CFM (525 cu ft/min)
Ford 260 5 bolt Sbf V8 block.
CNC machined decks. Acid cleaned and stripped block with brass core plugs a two coats gloss black engine lacquer. New Clevite camshaft bearings installed and aligned to ford HO 302/351 camshaft 444 lift intake and exhaust Flat tapped hydraulic grind. Genuine Ford part.
Mahle cast hyper pistons, custom machined fly cut valve pockets.
Ford GT 40 con rods taken from a crate engine checked and inspected heavy duty with SPS bolts.
Ford 28oz 302 crankshaft reground 20/20 thou undersize. New quality big end and main bearing shells(clevite). New galley plugs fitted.
High performance timing chain fitted. Genuine 1964 timing cover shot blasted then glass bead blasted, water channels welded and re machined then etch primed and silver aluminium painted.
Cost fully assembled and run on static test bed £4,500.

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