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LYN 500D

Posted: Sun Dec 16, 2007 7:29 pm
by V Mad
The previous owner of my Tiger was good enough to send me the original log book for my car. The original reg plate was LYN 500D (then 500 SNK, now on TJH 491D) and the colour red. It was first registered in Aug 1966 to a Brian James Rattue of Hayes Middx, and stayed around the London area until 1970, when it moved to Devon.

I met another previous owner (Richard) at the Goat pub in Hertford purely by coincidence, and he parked just behind me! He is now Chairman of the 2002Tii club.

The car is mechanically very 'untouched' original, but has had a body restoration some time ago.

If anyone has any more history, please send me a Private Message. I would be glad to hear more about it.