Tiger Engine Study

Post questions or infirmation about the factory history of the Tiger
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Tiger Engine Study

Post by martin172 » Sun Jul 31, 2016 9:00 pm

There's a guy called Ron Fraser who is trying to collect together info about tiger engines.

Please have a read and if you can please take the time to fill in as much or as little of the form that you can, then cut and paste it onto an e-mail and return it to Ron using his e-mail address at the bottom of the page.

The easier numbers, which is about half of them takes around 5 minutes and are very simple to do.


I have been studying all the stock Tiger engine group configurations from the Ford part number point of view. Hopefully this study will add some details to the collective knowledge base of Tigers and eventually clear up some details about the Tiger engines.

I'm not asking you to tear your engine down for any of this. I'm only asking for numbers that are easy to see and I note the ones that are not easy to see. The hard ones to see would be nice to record for each engine but not necessary. They can be added at a later date if they become available.

I personally believe all Tiger owners should know these numbers. They give you another means of ID.

If you have other Ford engine parts you would like identified; I'll be glad to help, just ask.

I'm only looking at stock Tiger engines with original stock Ford parts for this Study and I hope you are willing to participate with the following information:

Tiger Vin number -

Ford engine number -

On Vin Tag and original valve cover Tag

Valve cover Tag type -



Special Order number - SO # -

On original valve cover Tag

Model # -

On original valve cover Tag

Engine block color -

There is a question about the shade of blue that some of B19KC and MK II engines were painted. If you have a blue engine can you relate the shade of blue or send a picture

Engine casting number -

Engine casting date -

These numbers are just above the starter. If the engine is not out of the car, do not include these numbers unless you know what they are.

Engine build date -

This number is stamped into a machined pad on the block, left side above one of the water pump bolts, below the distributor and forward of the Left head.

If the engine has been decked, it maybe gone. If you have the original oil filter set up; the number is on the other side of the bracket towards the timing cover; you might not be able to see it well.

Intake manifold casting number -

Intake manifold casting date -

These numbers are on the front 2 runners, the casting date looks like a small plate on the lower runner

Engine Tag numbers -

This is an aluminum Tag mounted to the intake manifold at the left side of the carb and has 2 rows of numbers.

If you do not have this Tag, please state that.

Distributor ID numbers -

Date code -

ID numbers and date code for the distributor are the ones inside the embossed rectangle with the Ford Logo.

Carb ID numbers - both lines of numbers or just ID # from carb base plate

There maybe an aluminum Tag on top of the carb or you can look just in front of the throttle linkage on the carb base plate; both ID numbers should be the same.

All the numbers on the Tag are important; there are only 3 or 4 digits stamped into the carb base plate.

RT Head casting # -

Casting date -

Only if you have the engine apart; the casting numbers are on the down side of the head; the casting date is under the valve cover

LT Head casting # -

Casting date -

Timing Cover Casting # - This number is impossible to see in the car. It is behind the harmonic balancer. The balancer must be off to see the number.

Visual inspection - look at the Gen/ Alt side of the timing cover - check one:

[ ] C3OE-B Oil filler area has a freeze plug

[ ] C4AE-B Oil filler area is cast closed

[ ] C4OE-A Oil filler area is eliminated

[ ] C5OE-A1 Mk II 289 engine

Casting Date - Year and Month - This is a circle with a number - the year - there are also dots in the circle - I believe they represent the month. It is also behind the balancer so unless you have the engine apart you can not see this date code.

Ink Stamp Pictures

Ford used ink stamps on the ignition coil, generator, alternator and starter motor. If you can see them, please take a picture of them for this study.

These ink stamps are fragile; they can easily be wiped off with solvents so be gentle if you find any of them.

[ ] Ignition coil

[ ] Generator

[ ] Starter

[ ] Alternator

Pictures are welcome and encouraged

Thank you for your help.

Ron Fraser


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