Holley 4160 carburettor

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Holley 4160 carburettor

Post by Tigerfan » Sat Jun 05, 2010 7:22 pm

Hi. I am at last getting to grips with starting up my Tiger restoration project. The car came with a Holley 4160 Carb together with a part used 'Trickit' and a new Edelbrock manifold amongst the many boxes of bits that made up the car! As the car starts and runs for a couple of minutes then stops and won't restart, I'm guessing that it was'nt set up after stripping to fit the parts used from the Trickit and is overfueling ?
Two questions. Anybody know of a good guide on how to set up this Holley and is it best to dump the electric choke and fit a manual one. If so where can you get a kit from. Can't see one on Realsteel's Website.
Any helpfull information would be appreciated.
Thanks Rich

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Post by odl21 » Sun Jun 06, 2010 4:50 pm

you don't need a choke at all.
there are several good books on holleys but the the haynes holley carburetor manual is sufficient unless you get into modifying the carb.

make sure the floats are working and set correctly first. they have a habit of getting fuel logged and sinking. next renew or check the needle valves. the rest of it is pretty robust and doesn't tend to get out of adjustment.

check fuel pressure too. too much and it'll blow the needle valves and flood. about 7psi is fine.

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