Brembo caliper's

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Post by Tomaselli » Wed Mar 18, 2015 8:25 pm

Used aircraft grade alloy for the spacer, much harder than the normal alloys. Allowed for the spacer to be tapped and threaded, using Loctite to secure the brake disc screws firmly in place.

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Post by meadowhog » Tue Aug 04, 2015 8:09 pm

Has anyone had any experience in fitting brembos and 406 discs without the spacer. I'm thinking of fitting a calliper adapter plate to the stub axle/ drop spindle and then bolting the caliber to that. This is quite common on upgrades to modern cars. Advantages are bigger discs and MGB steering arms that could be pushed outboard by about 15mm. That maybe enough to correct the Ackerman angle for street driving. It would also open up a whole bunch of other better and cheaper brembos.
There are possible issues like the caliper not having enough clearance both in hitting the wheel rim or the wheel spokes. I have thought about slip angles etc etc but wondered if anyone has gone down this route and found a reason why it can't be or shouldn't be done. 13" rims are a non starter but I'm running 15". I've got to point where I would need to try it. There doesn't seem to be any significant extra work or cost in doing it this way compared to the two other usual ways of fitting brembo and MGB arms.

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