Wheel Alignment Tracking

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Wheel Alignment Tracking

Post by Tomaselli » Wed Oct 12, 2005 4:42 pm

Is this a job that can easily be tackled by my local tyre fitter :shock: or is it more of a specialist job to align correctly the toe in/toe out. I think my camber might need sorting so what I'm saying should I really only consider somebody who has had experience with Tigers/Alpines?

Any advice would be welcome



V Mad
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Post by V Mad » Fri Oct 14, 2005 6:34 pm

Based on my knowledge of Alpines (new to Tigers), strictly speaking your local guy will not have the correct procedure, which requires using gap gauges to set the suspension height before checking/setting the alignment. But in my opinion, it should not be that critical for typical classic useage, and if the alignment and camber is set without the gap gauges, you should be near enough. Camber is quite easily checked approximately yourself if you have a nice flat garage floor. Just make a simple gauge out of wood. I use a large try square I made - at least it tells me if my camber is far off from the zero to slightly negative specified. I set my Alpine up using that, and a homemade toe-in rig. It seems to handle fine, and no tyre scrub. :)

I should add, that to adjust camber, shims are fitted/removed to/from the top wishbone, at the mounting point.
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