Door Hinge Pin Replacement

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Re: Door Hinge Pin Replacement

Post by bernd_st » Mon Apr 01, 2019 5:39 pm

Congrats ! Great job well done!

Heard stories that twisted doors were pretty common and remedied by countertwisting them by the factory worker . A good body shop should be able to correct it...

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Re: Door Hinge Pin Replacement

Post by garyf » Tue Apr 02, 2019 11:42 am

It's took a long time to sort out be honest, but glad it's done and worth all the effort for the improvements in the door closing, shame about the paint chips though :oops: .

I've now got the car booked in for M.o.T. on Saturday, so hopefully there will be no issues and a pass :roll:

With regards to the twisted drivers door, I've had experience of doors out of line on Triumph Herald & Vitesse models, but on those cars it's due to whats know as Tub spread, this is when you get corrosion in the separate Chassis and the rear body tub sections (Which is bolted to the chassis on these cars). The 'B' Posts twist outwards at the top of the door shuts, which makes the doors look like they are twisted because they then stick out at the bottom?

I'm sure on the Tiger which is a much stronger unitary type construction, this must be due to the door frame twisting though presumably?

I plan to eventually have the whole car resprayed and a new hood fitted, but the next project is to try and source a decent hardtop!

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