Starting difficulties

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Starting difficulties

Post by Tigerfan » Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:07 pm

Hi Guys,

Having difficulty sometimes starting my Tiger. I have concluded that its an ignition problem as I have just fitted a new Edelbroc 500 carb but no improvement. Having checked the voltage at the ballast resistor when cranking, the voltage is only 5-6 volts. I believe it should be min 9 volts.

Presumably that even that the battery (newish) is showing 12.6 volts and has a full charge. the starter motor turns the engine over well, maybe its drawing too much voltage leaving insufficient for the coil.

Question. How to check if this assumption is correct. If so should I buy a new starter (perhaps high torque) or is there a supplier around who can supply parts to rebuild a standard starter motor.


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