Gearbox Noise

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Gearbox Noise

Post by Tim » Sun Jul 26, 2015 12:15 am

There is a rattling/buzzing noise coming from the gearbox of my Tiger. Sometimes it is worse than others, and driving conditions don’t seem to make any difference to the severity; sometimes it‘s bad, sometimes it‘s not. It is also reluctant to engage any forward gears when coming out of reverse, and this fault appears to be getting worse/happening more often. I suspect a linkage problem rather than actual gearbox, but could it be anything more sinister with the box?

The clutch is only a few thousand miles old and the master & slave cylinders are new.

If it is a linkage problem, can I remove the linkage without removing the gearbox from the car, and are spares available in the UK?


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Gearbox Noise

Post by redbaron » Sun Jul 26, 2015 10:42 am

Hi Tim,
the noise that you can hear may be the gear shifter wear allowing the lever to rattle and buzz ,try when driving to lightly rest your hand on the lever to see if it stops.
Do you have gear lever springs and trunions in there ?
Although you have a new clutch, the release bearing may have failed due to being in constant contact with the clutch fingers,i.e lack of release fork return and clearance.
The problem of lack of forward gear selection after using reverse,is a worn gear shifter box, the three levers become worn,not so much the linkage,and yes it can be removed whilst in the vehicle.

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