Transmission oils

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Transmission oils

Post by pushrod » Fri Mar 28, 2014 11:06 pm

This was covered in a post three years ago but for some reason I couldn't add any updated comments.

V8 burble, Feb 15 2011:
Monograde oils are recommended for the Tiger gearbox (3.25 pints of EP80) and rear axle (2.5 pints of EP90).

EP80-GL5 oil contains high levels of sulphur which will attack the phosphor bronze components in a Ford Toploader gearbox. This GL5 oil must NOT be used in the original Tiger gearbox.

The correct oil for the Toploader is EP80-GL4, which contains a lower amount of harmful sulphurous additives.

The Tiger's Salisbury 4HA rear axle has no “yellow metal” components so it is okay to use either an EP90-GL4 or a GL5 oil.
Ok I understand the need to use GL4 type oils. I know the Tiger handbook states EP80 for the gearbox. Was this just because mulitgrade transmission oils weren't available back then.

I've just rebuilt my gearbox with a parts kit from David Kee, who should know his way around Toploader's. In the "Oiling instructions" he says to "Fill up your Toploader with any quality 75W-90 gear lubricant". Is this because monograde transmission oils aren't so readily available in the US?

So who's right?
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When I read the warning

Post by Warren » Sun Mar 30, 2014 5:44 am

I had the same concern. From what I could find on line and from the mfg. There is another additive which is added that counteracts the sulfur. I took a nice brass key and put it on the work bench. It has been sitting there since October. When I got my car I drained the trans and replaced what was in there with the GL4 stuff as I did not know the difference. I did the same in the steering rack but changed that to a synthetic as it was easy and I am doing a trans swap soon to wide ratio. I have not bothered to swap out the GL4 Trans oil as no one can explain away the facts that the key is untouched and not being consumed by the evil GL4 oil. I will go with a synthetic on freshening just for good measure, but not as a result of the old school wife's tale of fear and loathing of the oil. There is also Allstate gear who sell Top loader bits quite cheaply and Dan Williams Top loader.

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