Looking for owner history

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Looking for owner history

Post by Sownman » Sat Aug 23, 2008 2:38 pm

I just purchased an LROFE Tiger in the US. These were built LHD for Eorope not USA and some made itt to the states via returning servive men. I know this cas was owned fron 1974 in Oklahoma. Before that it was traded in to a used car lot by an airman. It would have been sold as an Alpine 260 not as a Tiger and it carries Alpine 260 badges. Is there any database in Europe that might allow me to confirm ownership and titles via it's chassis number back to the original owner ? This airman might have purchased it new, I'd like to know for sure if possible.

and thanks for any help


PS Why are links not allowed ? I tried to enter a couple pics using the img button you supply.

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Looking For Owner History

Post by gvickery » Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:57 pm

Hi Steve
In Feb 1966 Rootes would deliver a US specifications (LRX FE) Tiger on a 'straight sales' basis to customers who were "Foreign Governement Employees" (that included US Forces in Europe) at a price of US$3024 for collection in London and eventual export to North America or Canada. For collection in Hamburg, Germany the price was US$ 3170 and Munich was US$ 3198.

During the production period Rootes dealers in most European countries when ordering showroom retail stock received LRO FE european spec Alpine 260's and as you say these came with 'Alpine' scripts on fenders + a LRO FE suffix to VIN numbers, in line with Simca-Rootes sales policy See http://www.sunbeamtiger.co.uk/catswhisk ... ine260.htm

There is no known archive of Alpine 260 sales to European dealers or details of on-sales. STOC can say though that many Alpine 260's were bought by US Forces personnel, particularly those based in Germany, and several were shipped to the States at the end of tours. I would bet the airman you talk of was the first owner of your machine and was most likely based at the U.S.A.F. HQ in Ramstein. We know there was a drag strip there (and at other bases) in the '60's that featured "Tigers" from time to time. One we know was sponsored by “All State Motors – Weisbaden”.

Of course the original shipping documents would tell you what you want to know but if they haven't survived, I'd start with the U.S.A.F in Ramstein (still there) http://www.ramstein.af.mil/ and one of the old airforce alumni type forum / blogspots. Good Luck.

Graham Vickery
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Post by Sownman » Mon Aug 25, 2008 5:12 pm

Thank you Graham...

I've read the Cats Whiskers piece, very helpful. Norm Miller tells me there are 43 of these cars known, mostly in Europe I will investigate the Ramstein link and try a Google search on the airmans name. Shipping docs are no longer with the car. I do have Oklahoma title of the owner before me that goes back to 1974. I have the initial Oklahoma registration doc from earlier in 1974 when the airman stationed at a Texas base moved the car from there to OK, then used it as a trade in for another car.

I am looking for an original "Alpine 260" shield badge for the boot. The car came with the two fender badges but missing the boot. I know it's probably nearly an impossible find but your side of the pond is more likely than here. I woud also like to find 2 good condition original Alpine scripts rather than repos to replace the Tiger ones now on the car. I want to put this car back as it was sold as much as possible.


Steve Ralsten (American of British descent)

PS is it possible to purchase the Cats Whiskers issue that contained
the Alpine 260 article ?

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