"Tuppence" GLV 2D Race Car Telecimit Fuel Injected

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"Tuppence" GLV 2D Race Car Telecimit Fuel Injected

Post by SunbeamTiger » Mon Oct 16, 2006 9:37 am


Like to hear from anyone that might have Photos of this car raced in early '60s in Red.
The car was Keith Black 289 Telecimit Fuel Injected and work done by Harringtons, sister car was ADU with downdraft Webers.
Please get in toch with me if you have any history of this car, photos etc..

Many Thanks

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Post by gvickery » Fri Dec 03, 2010 6:44 pm

Did you know that a David Hutchison hillclimbed a Tiger in 1967 with Tecalemit fuel injection. there is a record somewhere of him going "astonishingly fast" in it on Tholf -y-Will. Could have been in Autosport.

The Club has no knowledge of which Tiger this is/was or whether it might have been GLV 2D.

There is no record of the works fitting such a unit to a Tiger. The ADU Le Mans Tiger you refer to was not worked by Harringtons. It was constructed by Lister around a coupe body built by Williams & Pritchard. The car was never fitted with Webers by the factory; this was done by Bernard Unett when he went circuit racing with it in 1965.

Hope this helps.

Be good if you let the Club see some photos of the engine bay!

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Post by gtsmrt » Fri Dec 03, 2010 9:36 pm


The Tecalemit setup sounds like an interesting system. Was that one of the first fuel injection systems? Not a huge amount of information on the net.

Regards, Robin.
Robin O'Dell
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Replies to Graham & Robin

Post by SunbeamTiger » Wed Nov 16, 2011 7:16 pm

Hi thanks for posting some comments.

Hi to Graham I think I met you at Dunsfold this year chap with long hair in ponytail. Many years ago when I went to a AGM of a / the Tiger Club which involved a Gymkhana where there was a passenger and driver tasks were set which had a hill climb, on tarmac & grass also the passenger I think had to get an apple with his teeth in a bowl of water etc This was timed and I was the fastest Tiger thou not 1st as a Corvette I think was also competing not sure what he was doing at the meeting.
I think it was at this meeting someone on the Committee told me they had a person asking about this car about 10yrs previous but no one knew of its whereabouts or seen it till now. This must have been over 15yrs ago now. The person got hold of the contact details of this man and after over 20 phone calls I managed to trace him as he had moved quite a few times but luckily still know in the County.
Took the car up to him and he was real pleased that nearly 30yrs after he sold the car he had the pleasure to have another drive but this time without the fuel injection system as I had taken off.

Hi Robin
Yes I think you will find this was the first fuel injection system done for the Auto market but was either FULL throttle or none due to the fact of electric and mechanical pumps for fueling. This did not work too well unless you went everywhere at full throttle.

Like to talk send your details / number and I can give you a call as I don't see this forum very often.

Many Thanks


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