The 21st Classic Marathon 2009

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The 21st Classic Marathon 2009

Post by gvickery » Sat Jun 27, 2009 7:23 pm

The Classic Marathon is one of THE most challenging latter day historic endurance rallys. This year 6 Tigers entered [yet another record entry for the Tiger], 5 of which being STOC members and one who used to be!

This year the Marathon route ran through Slovenia, Croatia and Austria, some 2000+ Km.

Congratulations to all Teams for a fine set of results and hats off to Jayne Wignall & Kevin Savage for driving to a 2nd Overall.

Class 7: 1962 to 1968 Type Cars over 3000cc...................Overall - Class
28 Jayne Wignall / Kevin Savage Sunbeam Tiger 0:03:36........ 2 ...... 1
32 John Abel / Stephen Bradley Sunbeam Tiger 0:05:06 .........7 ....... 2
30 Tony Barron / Dominic Barron Sunbeam Tiger 0:07:01.......20........3
42 John Korrison / Chris Towers Sunbeam Tiger 0:08:36........23........5
31 Drexel Gillespie / Patricia Gillespie Sunbeam Tiger 0:08:53.. 25......6
29 Nigel Gray / Christine Gray Sunbeam Tiger Retired

Full reports and points tables can be seen at ... index.html

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Post by gtsmrt » Sat Jun 27, 2009 11:48 pm

Thanks for the updates Graham. It is always great to see our beloved Tiger still doing so well in competition both in the UK and Europe. It's great that the Tiger's hold five of the top six placings in the Classic marathon rally :D .

Regards, Robin.
Robin O'Dell
Tiger MK 1a

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