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Sunbeam Challenge Race sponsored by J. O. Engineering 22/5

Posted: Tue May 18, 2010 9:08 am
by B9471845
This Saturday May 22nd, the Sunbeams return to Silverstone for the Sunbeam Challenge Race, sponsored again this year by J O Engineering. At least 13 Tigers and Alpines are expected on track including 2 debutantes in this race, both with FIA HTP...With the Le Mans Tiger and GYU 618C, that's at least 4 FIA cars, possibly a record for this race!

The AMOC programme includes the Intermarque Championship, won by Team Tiger last year, with at least 3 Tigers participating, as well as the St. John Horsfall Trophy pre-war race, Aston Martin works-supported N24 race featuring Rowan Atkinson, Austin Healey and Jaguar races.

Paddock parking is next to the 2010 S.T.O.C National meeting parking, not far from excellent spectating on the inside of Copse Corner, the first after the start.

Provisional practice times:
- Sunbeam Challenge 09h00-09h15, mixed with the 50s Team Challenge
- Intermarque 11h20-11h35

- starts at 11h45 with the 50s Team Challenge including at least one Alpine.
- Lunch 12h05 to 13h05
- Sunbeams race 4, nominally 15h10
- Intermarque race 7, nominally 16h35

Come along and support the National as well as the racers!

Posted: Mon May 24, 2010 3:36 pm
by B9471845
A great day's racing for those who made it, under blue skies and scorching sun!

Practice was busy, with the Sunbeam race sharing with the 50s team race, hardly anyone got a clear lap in without encountering some traffic, but it did afford the rare chance of being on the same race track as Aston Martin DBR1 and DB3s. Unfortunately Peter Dod had a rather more intimate encounter than desired when he spun in front of a Jag XK at Becketts, Doddy's car was repaired with metal bashing and gaffer tape but I didn't see the Jag.

Grid positions ended up roughly as expected, Ed Cassidy was mystified to be recorded as "RED" in the classification sheet but henceforth that's what he shall be...

We seemed to wait an age in the assembly area for the race whilst the track was cleared of debris from the long works Aston race. Watching 2 of them collide at Luffield is hardly the stuff to quell pre-race nerves, even though both cars carried on.

Once the red lights went out, Rupert West, guest-driving Simon James 99 car, made a superb start to leave pole-sitter Jackie Cochrane behind, unfortunately his lead disappeared in a cloud of dust when he overshot his braking into the complex but luckily held onto it to rejoin intact.

Behind them, RED and Doddy had a superb battle for 3rd, Doddy nearly taking the place when RED went off into the infield right in front of me at Luffield.

David Smallridge, first time back on track for a while, took a while to get accustomed to Tristan's Tiger but eventually overtook Tony Eckford and Paul Clayson to claim 5th place and Mildly Modified Class Win, and Paul was never far behind Tony in the Le Mans Tiger, finishing just 4/10ths apart at the flag after a great dice.

Simon James' new FIA Tiger debuted well after pulling off on the green flag lap, passing Chris Draycott's Alpine very early on although Chris won the Alpine class.

Last Tiger was myself, Bryn Griffith's Alpine was off the pace and unable to beat me as usual, however for several laps first-time racer Charles Jackson was catching me in his brother-in-law's Harrington Alpine, Steve still recovering from a broken foot. Unfortunately Charles hit engine problems with only 1 lap to go but a fantastic first race effort.

Last but not least, 3001 RW, an original works Alpine, also debuted today after many decades off the track, following a beautiful restoration by Keith Hampson, Dave Arnold and Tristan. Fresh out of the box, it was only 1 second slower than Keith's other well-sorted Le Mans Alpine so everyone was well pleased.

With the backdrop of the National meet and 40+ Tigers in the paddock it was a great day out, and several more Tigers and Alpines have already pledged attendance at the next race at Donington so keep 9th October in the diary!

Posted: Mon May 24, 2010 9:49 pm
by Tomaselli
Great report Andrew and a few pics to go with it from the day's meet;

Jackie Cochrane's beast cooling down after the first practice session



New FIA car for Simon James


Tristan's very tidy example



Peter Dodd's showing patched rear end after earlier skirmish




A Tiger that once raced at the infamous Le Mans....beautiful car :D




Doddy pushing (very!) hard....


Posted: Wed May 26, 2010 3:36 am
by michael-king
Andrew Cansfield has posted many pictures of the AMOC weekend on flickr: ... 129252418/

Some great shots of the alpines and tigers. not ot mentino others