Building a Racing Tiger...

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Tim Kemp
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Building a Racing Tiger...

Post by Tim Kemp » Fri May 03, 2013 12:20 pm

Afternoon all,

As this is my first post I thought I'd give you a little background on me and where my interest in Tigers comes from.

My grandfather bought a new MK1A back in 66/67 which he ran as a daily driver up to around 100k miles until he replaced it with a second hand MK1. On his death he bequeathed it to my father who still has it. The MK1A passed on to my uncle and then father who sold it during the 70's fuel crisis. It has since been bought back.

In my teens, realizing that the insurance on a 4.3 V8 was unlikely to be obtainable I bought and completely restored and Alpine V which I still have (I'm now 33). Since then I've also been driving the Tigers

I have always harboured a wish to go racing and ideally in a Tiger - old school pencil cases used to be adorned with cut outs from Cat's Whiskers. With this in mind I bought a LHD car last year which is already fitted with a 6 bolt 289. I think it's a good basis for a race car as there is absolutely zero rust, but a few dings here and there.

So, first thing's first - I have to decide which series I'd like to race in, and then what spec to build it to. So this is the purpose of my first post.

I had a good chat at Silverstone with Tristan and Keith who were both very helpful. I'll put below a few things that I do and don't want in a series and hopefully you might be able to make some suggestions?:

Friendly opposition with at least some similar types of cars to have a "battle" with - I know that with a not very modified Tiger (and no doubt my driving!) its never going to be challenging for overall honors.

To modify the car to make it handle better / go faster / look like a race car but not to commit to radical surgery of the bodywork

I don't want to have to pay a fortune for development costs.

No bump and grind type racing - I'm not challenging for an F1 title and I don't want others to be either.

No-one looking down their nose at me if I turn up with the car on a borrowed trailer behind a pick up truck and with a flask of sausages for lunch!

Probably 6-10 events in the year.

I was originally looking at going for FIA appendix K spec as I like the originality side of that - but it seems that a lot of money is spent almost trying to circumvent the rules and maybe I'd be better being able to run a 289 or 302 and saving a fortune on alloy body panels and developing the 260.

The Intermarque seems a good option but I'd be interested to know if anyone has any thoughts on this or alternatives?

Your input would be much appreciated.


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Post by B9471845 » Thu May 09, 2013 10:55 am

Welcome Tim, and great to hear of your plans to increase the UK Tiger racing population. 2014 50th Anniversary Sunbeam Challenge is a must!

FIA App K would indeed be an expensive option to reach the standard necessary to compete on level ground with other cars, Tiger FIA papers don't seem to have the loopholes that other cars seem to enjoy. I do have a (lapsed) FIA passport but as a predominantly road car mine would be absolutely nowhere in Guards Trophy or other FIA pre-66 GT races.

Before going the FIA route I did enjoy some dices at the back of Intermarque but you really need a 289 HiPo or 302 now. Everyone gets a bit faster every year, but Tristan shows how it can be done.

Depending where you are, Scottish Historics look like another race option for you. Bernie's V8s might work too but best to check lap times for the whole field, certainly the front runners will be out of sight in >500bhp cars. CSCC Swinging Sixties is another area where Andrew Yates has had a lot of success with his modified car, no idea how spread out the field is but this could be fun.
HSCC Roadsports might be a lower cost option but you need to run the original size engine and carb according to the regs, unlike one set of FIA papers which permits a Holley. They might let you run in 70s Roadsports but then you are in a different field.
There is a race at Spa each year organised by Barry Sidery-Smith for which virtually anything goes.

Sprinting and hillclimbing are other options if you don't want to risk contact with other cars. Hillclimbs scared the **** out of me though.

Finally If you're bringing a whole flask of sausages you might have to share them around ;-)

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Roll cage

Post by NDS » Sun May 12, 2013 7:23 pm

Just had my cage manufactured by Wishart Motorsport. - Superb service Stephen now has MSA approval for Alpine / Tiger cages.

Stephen seam welded the shell and fitted the cage - it fits under the hardtop. and complies to the new MSA standard.

Great friendly service .

Just like to stress I have no connection to Wishard Motorsport.


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