Front suspension mods

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Front suspension mods

Post by pitman » Mon Dec 04, 2017 11:22 am

I own a '65 Tiger that I've pretty much converted to a II (grille, headlamp rims, other aesthetics, and a rebuilt 5-bolt 289 that's on its way with estimated 280HP (from BlueMonkey in the US).

I'm not a speed freak, but I do like good handling, so that's my next focus (so far that's just involved replacing seals). To that end...

What are the pros and cons of the MG Midget steering rack conversion? Most references to it in the forums claim better handling, meanwhile the guys who wrote up 'Taming the Tiger' actually removed it and claimed handling to be fine, if not superior: ... the-tiger/

Also, I checked out Dale's website, but he no longer advertises his conversion kit. In its place is a $4000(!) complete front suspension replacement! Anyone have experience with it? Is any superiority (to the MG or even stock) really just seen on the track?
...and to those who are happy with an MG conversion, does anyone else supply the kits? (I've found the rack itself new on eBay, still going for ~$300: )

Meanwhile, I've read in numerous places that sway bars aren't necessary. Is this the experience of peeps here? I'm tempted at least to get Dale's stiffer springs mentioned in Taming the Tiger (US$800 for front and rear), and will get the crossmember checked and ?reinforced/?replaced if necessary. Anything else fundamental (or 'easy') I could/should do to improve handling (for street use, not racing)?