Hard Top fit

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Hard Top fit

Post by Tigerfan » Sun Aug 22, 2021 7:50 am

Hi Guys,
I have a hard top ex an Alpine.

The hard Top has not had any significant restoration work done to it, only the two rear corners which is very typical.

My Tiger has definitely not had any work done on the rear deck which is original.

However, the hard Top does not sit properly onto the rear deck and seems to make contact with the deck in the centre of the rear rail so that it sits proud at the two corners, not nicely on the rubber? Both the rear catches locate into the boot hinges.

To help identify if the Hard Top is wrong, can anybody supply me with a couple of dimensions to check out the Hard top.

I need a dimension across the widest point at the rear, and a dimension with the top upside down from the front to the rear rail.

The purpose is to check if the rear rail is in the correct position.

I'm hopeful that hard Tops are currently off cars so can be easily checked.



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